With 2 Deaths, MOH Confirms That 18 Inmates Might Suffer From Suspected Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects

(source: The Star/ The Straits Times)

The Health Ministry (MOH) has confirmed the occurrence of suspected adverse effects following immunisation (AEFI) against Covid-19 at Kajang Prison, affecting 18 inmates – two of whom have since died.

According to Malay Mail, the investigation comes after a letter from the prison to MOH was leaked online and went viral.

Dr Roshayati Mohamad Sani, director of the National Pharmaceutical Regulatory Agency’s (NPRA) Regulatory Department, said in a statement today (5 Jan) that the agency is aware of the reports detailing suspected AEFI among the inmates.

“All the reports stated in the letter have been received by the NPRA. AEFI reports classified as serious, including those involving deaths, are under investigation,” she said. Roshayati also urged that NPRA is always monitoring the use of all vaccines for safety.

She said the Hulu Langat District Health Office and the Selangor State Health Department are trying to get complete information.

For illustration purposes only (source: Utusan Borneo)

Soon, an investigation report will be presented subsequently for evaluation by the Special Covid-19 Pharmacovigilance Committee to confirm the causality or relationship between the vaccine and the reported adverse effects.

“MOH will inform of the situation when reporting to the public from time to time,” Dr Roshayati said.

ICYMI, a letter by Hulu Langat district health officer Dr Zailiza Suli went viral and it is believed that it was meant only for internal circulation as it detailed the 18 cases.

The letter dated 30 November 2021 said that 16 of the 18 affected prisoners were given the Pfizer vaccine while two were jabbed with CanSino. They were among the 2,782 inmates housed there who were given Pfizer vaccines and 1,260 who received CanSino. The prison houses a total of 4,185 inmates.

Besides the two deaths, the other adverse effects listed in Dr Zailiza’s letter include three cases of cardiovascular-related issues, four involving temporary paralysis, three of distant abscesses (sores with pus far from the inoculation point), and six inmates who suffered lung infections after receiving their jabs.