Netizens React To Mister Singapore’s Plain Black Boxers & Shirtless Picture For National Costumes

The 14th Mister International Competition is taking place this weekend in Manila, Philippines and you bet we’re all excited to see so many cultures and their hunks take the stage to win the title.

Countries across the globe including the U.S., Venezuela, Thailand, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Spain and more are participating.

Part of the competition includes a segment where each representative shows off their national clothing, and we can expect beautiful traditional fabric draped on the guys.

But one country in particular stood out from the rest, and not in a good way…

Mister International posted a series of photos on their Instagram page showcasing all the contestants’ outfits and Mister Singapore donned a pair of plain black shorts, boots and held the Singapore flag behind his back for the shoot.

While this picture seems alright on its own, let’s take a look at the other countries’ photo ops.

And my personal favourite:

Mister Philippines absolutely killed it! Look at that flare, the colours, the textures and mixed mediums! Surely better than a pair of plain black boxers.

There’s also this costume by Mister USA, in which I will be keeping my personal opinions to myself…

In regards to Mister Singapore’s outfit (or lack thereof), netizens all over have had a blast talking and memeing about it on our timelines.

Many commented on Singapore’s outfit, with one person saying that it was “the laziest national costume ever in pageantry history.”

Another suggested that Mister Singapore had “zero budget” for a proper costume, while others expressed confusion.

Mister International has since responded twice to these comments, giving off two different impressions:

So I guess we’ll never truly know why Mister Singapore chose to wear those boxers. Nevertheless, good luck to all contestants! Hopefully we’ll see better outfits this weekend.