Minut Init Studio Galleria

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Minut Init Studio Galleria
3rd Floor, 29B Jalan SS 21/37
Uptown Damansara Utama
43700 Petaling Jaya

Punk Rock Art Space…
Art galleries are often intimidating to the common but artistically-inclined folks, which is ironic considering it is the underclass that creates the most provocative art. Uptown Damansara’s little known Minut Init was conceived as an antithesis to the more opulent and proper galleries in town. Originally an office building, founder James renovated the space into what it is now – a place for art to be presented as it is, strip bare of any formalities. Unlike spacious galleries where empty space is almost obligatory, Minut Init makes full use of what little space it has by giving free rein to the artists over how they want to decorate the space. The gallery itself is as much of a canvas to the artists as the art pieces showcased. This makes for intimate exhibitions where patrons and artists are encouraged to mingle as opposed to the social detachment of regular expansive galleries.

CLIENTELE Talented DIY artists who haven’t had the opportunity to present their work to the public. As for the public themselves, art enthusiasts who fancy something a little more raw. Hipsters, nerds, punk rockers, and post-rockers who dabble in art (or pretend to at least).

ART STYLE Minut Init welcomes a whole range of artistic discipline; paintings, sculptures, drawing, sketches, photography arts, short films, music videos, animations, installations. If there’s one common thread among them, they’re mostly either post-modern or pop art.

ATMOSPHERE Punk rock-esque, like the smoky underground confined art spaces of the LA do-it-yourself art scene’s glory days.

DESIGN Amorphous bare spaces that fill up and change depending on the exhibition currently held. Divided into 6 rooms, 1 being a smoking room for art enthusiasts to chill out and ruminate over the piece they just saw.

DOOR POLICY Exhibitions are mostly free unless specified. You don’t have to look sartorial to enter. In case you haven’t realised by now, Minut Init is pretty hippie in their code of conduct.

OPEN Exhibitions date and time are as advertised and differ from one another.

PARKING It’s Uptown, we are pretty sure you’d know what that means. Usual MBPJ sideway parking spots and rates applies. Expect to double park