Milo Kotak’s Plastic Straws Will be Replaced with Paper Ones by the End of 2020

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(source: Malay Mail)

Of course, the superior Milo drink is straight from the truck – but it’s not every day that you can find it. So, what’s the closest drink you can get to that? The answer is simple, boxed Milo. What puts some people off though, is the fact that the box still comes with a plastic straw.

In the age of climate change awareness and knowing the dangers caused by a single straw (shoutout to the turtles), Nestle Malaysia has announced that they will be using paper straws across their entire range of UHT products by the end of 2020 in their battle against plastic waste!

According to Malay Mail, this initiative makes Nestle the first large scale food and beverage company in ASEAN to do so. The company is expecting to eliminate over 200 million plastic straws annually, which is also in line with the company’s global pledge to turn their packaging 100% recyclable by 2025.

(source: Malay Mail)

According to the Nestle Malaysia Berhad chief executive officer, Juan Aranols, they have introduced the use of paper straws for their Milo UHT 125 millilitres drink packs and for their newly launched Milo Nutri Pluz.

“This is all part of our commitment to design environmentally friendly packaging solutions and adopt them with a positive sense of urgency. To date, 90 per cent of Nestle Malaysia’s total packaging is already designed for recycling,” Juan said.

The new paper straws are responsibly-sourced and safe for drinking, as it has gone through a very rigid quality requirement beforehand.

(source: Malay Mail)

Juan urged that, “Many people are used to plastic straws and making the switch to paper straws will bring a slightly different consumer experience. We encourage all Malaysians to embrace the change and partner with us in this journey towards a more sustainable future.”

Nestle Malaysia is also looking to raise awareness on recycling across the nation through education campaigns similar to the CAREton Project by Milo UHT which aims to collect 45 million used beverage cartons in 2020.

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