Microsoft’s Mighty Mouse Giveaway!

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With Microsoft Touch Family, Microsoft taps into both the sexiness and innovation of current touch navigation of tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Infusing both into the formerly modest mouse, Microsoft has done something their direct competitor should have done a long time ago – upgrading the mouse to the modern age.

Ditching the cord for complete wireless capability, replacing analogue scroll with customisable touch strip and utilising BlueTrack Technology that enables the mice to track any surface, the techno-triumvirate that is the Microsoft Touch Family is designed to strike a chord with the smartphone generation.

Functional, portable and fashionable, we can’t remember when the last time the mouse was this cool.

Arc Touch Mouse
Get future chic with the Arc Touch Mouse. Like the namesake implies, the mouse can literally be curved from below to form an arc. Made based on the design of smartphones, the mouse is thin enough to fit into your pocket when flattened into its horizontal shape. With a touch strip in lieu of a scroll

Explorer Touch Mouse
Left-handed people need not feel discriminated by the right-handed-dominated tech world. Explorer Touch Mouse features an ambidextrous design that is adaptable in both hands. Made for go-getters, the mouse’s battery life lasts up to a year and half.

Touch Mouse
The elitist of the three. With the futuristic aesthetic of the first and the practicality of the second, Touch Mouse is the culmination of the Microsoft Touch Family. But that’s not just it, this model is specifically designed for maximum functionality

We’re giving away 3 Explorer Touch Mouses, 2 Arc Mouses, and 1 Touch Mouse. To win tell us which one of these cool Microsoft mice deserves to be yours and answer this question;

Q: What is about Microsoft that makes their products cool?

Send your answer along with your full name, IC and handphone number with the subject ‘Microsoft Mighty Mouse Competition’ to [email protected] by the end of Wednesday 18 January 2012.

Winners will be notified early Friday 20 January 2012.

For more information on the touch mouse, visit their website.

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