Microsoft Announce That Internet Explorer Will Be Gone For Good in 2022

source: Tecsis

Let’s be honest, when people found out about Google Chrome, they ditched Internet Explorer. So it’s no surprise that after a 25-year run, Microsoft has officially announced that they will retire the browser for good.

In a blog post, the company said Internet Explorer 11 desktop application will be removed from many, but not all versions of Windows 10 starting 15 June 2022.

Microsoft even explained why people should transition into its Chromium-based Edge, a replacement browser they introduced back in 2015. Edge has IE Mode designed to provide IE compatibility for legacy IE-based sites and apps.

source: Quora

The date for IE’s retirement actually rolls out sooner, which is on 17 August 2021 for some versions of Windows. Although Edge has IE mode, the company states that it will also retire that feature in 2029.

The question is, are any one of us actually sadden by this news? It has been a long time coming, I mean, do you know anyone who still uses Internet Explorer? Even Microsoft was like “yo, you still using IE? 🤨”

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