Breaking Barriers, Building Bonds: MyGameOn Launches #KitaSamaLevel To Connect Malaysian Gamers

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Gamers of Malaysia, it’s time to brace yourselves for a game-changing adventure that will leave you on the edge of your seat…

Get ready to dive into an incredible gaming adventure with the fantastic team at Rev Media Group and MyGameOn (MGO). They’ve just launched a super cool initiative called #KitaSamaLevel, and let us tell you, it’s all about promoting inclusivity and bringing the gaming community closer together.

As gamers, we know the magic that happens when people from different backgrounds come together to share their love for gaming. Whether you’re a tabletop fanatic or a cosplay enthusiast, this campaign is designed to make you feel like a true part of the gaming family. We’re all united by our passion for gaming, and #KitaSamaLevel is here to celebrate that bond.

You see, MGO is embarking on a mission to make your gaming experience even more awesome. Every week, they’ll be shining a spotlight on beloved games that hold a special place in the hearts of Malaysians. From news updates to handy tips and tricks, they’ve got you covered. Trust me, you won’t want to miss out on all the exciting info they have in store..

But wait, there’s more – MGO is taking it to the next level by organising physical events like meet-ups at gaming cafes and community-level tournaments. It’s all about bringing gamers together, fostering healthy competition, and providing opportunities to learn new skills in the world of video games and e-sports. Now, that’s what we call levelling up in style.

We’re also super thrilled to see MGO collaborating with government bodies like the Ministry of Youth (KBS), National Sports Council (MSN), and Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC). It’s a clear sign that e-sports and gaming are gaining recognition and support at a higher level.

E-sports are among the branches that will be highlighted in #KitaSamaLevel.

MGO, your go-to gaming news network, is not only dedicated to bringing you the latest updates on games and e-sports played by local players but also offers a whole lot more. We’ve got you covered with extensive news coverage of thrilling e-sports events, in-depth game reviews that help you make the right gaming choices, exclusive interviews with top e-sports players, and exciting media partnerships that bring you even closer to the action.

Together, we’re creating a stronger community and opening doors to exciting possibilities.

If you’re itching to be a part of this epic adventure, make sure to follow MGO on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to stay in the loop. Join the gaming revolution, connect with like-minded individuals, and let’s build an inclusive gaming environment where everyone feels welcome and celebrated. Let’s show the world that gaming is more than just a hobby – it’s a powerful force that brings us all together.

Game on!

For more information about the #KitaSamaLevel campaign and to be a part of the community, visit

If you’re interested in collaborating with MGO and becoming an official partner in the #KitaSamaLevel campaign, email them at [email protected].