WATCH: Metalcore Band SOG Release ‘Screamo Raya Song’ ft. Shila Amzah, Netizens Have Mixed Feelings

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If you haven’t heard of S.O.G. and Shila Amzah.. you must been living under a rock (a post-rock, maybe? lol.. sorry).

But seriously, the local metal band from Batu Caves, Selangor made history alongside the child star-turned-pop songstress when they won the recent AJL (Anugerah Juara Lagu) for their song Pelukan Angkasa.

And now, they’re the talk of town.

S.O.G. (Sekumpulan Orang Gila)’s main musical concept revolves around post-hardcore beats and melodies. Some have even compared the band to Evanescence!

S.O.G. is made up of six youngsters, among them M.K. Ridzuan (flute player), Raja Nazrin Shah (vocalist/ guitarist), Riko Agus (vocalist), Raja Nazmin Shah (drummer), Amsyar Saiful (guitarist) and Abdul Qayyum (bass player).

The band has been around since 2005 and have since released 4 full albums, namely Bahtera (2014), Dermaga (2018), Second Voyage (2021) and one EP album, entitled Civilization Is On Trial (2013).

Shila, on the other hand, is currently also a businesswoman and actress. She had never sung with a metal group prior to her collabs with S.O.G.

source: Instagram

Just fresh off their AJL win, the group are making waves again, and have released a screamo Raya song on YouTube yesterday via TV3’s channel, yet again featuring Shila. Despite the heavy vocals, S.O.G managed to incorporate delightful, festive lyrics regarding the national holiday into their rendition.

M.K. Ridzuan’s flute solo was especially loved by netizens, as it served as a refreshing contrast to classic heavy metal. When meshed with Shila’s award-winning voice, even the least receptive viewers admitted that the concept and video were pretty cool.

However, not everyone was feeling the song.

Some netizens noted that it was ‘cringe’ and inappropriate as Hari Raya is a religious holiday.

Other commenters compared it to Dato Sri Aliff Syukri’s Raya song, which was also released yesterday.

His version, featuring Datin Sri Shahida, posed a more lively and light-hearted concept, but also received criticism; with many viewers ridiculing the video and describing it as “lagu Raya yang paling terpondan.

Well… that’s music – you can’t please everyone!

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