I Vomited & Suffered a Horrible Migraine After Listening to Bunkface’s ‘Akhir Zaman’

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Rawr~ xD. source: Wikipediea

After listening to Bunkface’s ‘Akhir Zaman’, I can finally say that pop-punk is dead, if Bunkface is your benchmark for the genre.

I haven’t caught up with the band since I saw them live at MTV World Stage in Sunway back in 2010. I was there to see Katy Perry in a tutu, not them. I have standards, okay.

However, it has come to my attention that they’re still playing their Vans-Warped-Tour-type-of-music and their latest single ‘Akhir Zaman’ got some buzz on social media and so I gave it a play, regrettably.

I won’t go into detail about how the track sounds like, there’s just not much detail to talk about. The video below represents how the track sounds like, just with better production value. (Props to the mixer).

The lyrics, however, is a revolutionary tale of the world Malaysia that is in chaos, due to your standard old people eating money for breakfast and obviously, gay people.

One line of lyric that got the most attention among Netizens was “LGBT pergi mampus”, which translates to “LBGT can go to Hell”. And all dem gays were so angry they’re still squeezing their buttcheeks. Oh shit, I guess I am too.

Music connoisseurs Incel fucbois commented that this is the song Malaysia needs, given all the horseshit that we’re currently going through as a country. But the song doesn’t feel like it does, except for a quick cash-in about corruption vaguely hinting that it’s done by a politician but not mentioning any names. Okay, I take back what I said about punk being dead, it just neutered.

So, what are the bold things they’re talking about? The first line reads “Agama ku agama ku, agama mu agama mu,” which translates into “To you your religion, to me mine,” and then proceeds to say the queers can go to hell, and then how the people in power are taking our money.

At this point, I’d like to leave the song here for your easy referencing, but on second thought, why give them the plays? Here, instead, is a YouTube of a decent local punk band…

It’s not “edgy” to say things that the majority of people already agree on. I could say “f*ck people who dip pisang goreng in kicap” and everyone would kiss me on the cheeks. I don’t get it, and neither do a lot of people.

All jokes aside, the hate spewed by Bunkface is nothing to laugh about. Most people here don’t like the LGBT community anyway. During late 2018 to early 2019, there was a string of murders of transwomen. Violence against the LGBT community (particularly transwomen) has risen since 2007 and is a clear warning sign of the dangers of conservatism fuelled by misguided religious extremism.

If you give a homophobic a choice between talking to someone from the community for 10 minutes or sticking a beaver up their ass, I think they would choose the latter. (Lots of butt jokes here, sorry guys). But what kind of punk discriminates? That’s the bigot’s job! And for a song that’s homophobic, it sounds pretty gay.

This is just my opinion though.. and maybe a hundred others’:

Lastly, to Bunkface… This here is real music.

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