T: 03 2181 2426
E: [email protected]
OPEN: 11.30AM-12MN (MON-SAT)

Located smack in the centre of Kuala Lumpur (KLCC is just 5, 7 minutes away by foot), Mediteca is the anti-Italian restaurant. That’s not to say they don’t serve Italian cuisine – just that their menu is above the generic fusion (read: bastardised) Italian dishes you’d find in abundance here. As the name suggests, it’s really a Mediterranean resto whose menu stretches to the whole of Southern Europe; Spanish, Italian influences come into a confluence of authenticity. Tapas are served as finger food, as it was originally meant to be in Spain where a particularly voracious moustachioed man can order up to 8 servings in between 9 drinks. The food, while inspired by terms you might not be familiar with prior (Mediterranean Wine Bar and the Italian Enoteca), are unpretentious. As we were told, their way of preserving authenticity is by cooking the dishes the way they were originally served, without the embellishments of fusion silliness. With a rustic interior in an open space (even the kitchen is visible for show), its own bakery, and a second private floor above, Mediteca is ripe for word-of-mouth popularity.

CLIENTELE Wide range. From businessmen nearby, residents of Fraser Place, random tourist walk-ins, to the occasional dodgy expats coming back from Beach Club.

DRINKS Wine is served by the glass. And if you are a pleb like us and wine-illiterate, Mediteca makes it easier by segmenting their wine list into groups and subgroups; sparkling wine, white wine (fresh & crisp, floral &fruity, rich, round & full), red wine (smooth & soft, big, bold & structured), and so on. Alternatively, you can get artisanal beer and cider at the bar.

HAPPY HOURS 3pm to 8pm. Homemade sangria is served and their happy hour promo usually comes with a tapas plate (a Spanish tradition).

EATS Incredible variety of tapas – we suggest skewers on beef strip loin, gazpacho (real tomato-based one), seared sardines, octopus tortilla, and foie gras. As for the main course, try their confit of black cod with sautéed peppers and green pea sauce; or ravioli of oxtail with pumpkin puree and mushrooms. Price ranges from RM30 to RM50. Otherwise, try their affordable quick set lunch menu (which is updated daily to ensure freshness).

DRESS CODE Casual. Mediteca isn’t meant to intimidate the casual crowd, you don’t need to be fancy pants to eat here.

PARKING Fraser Place’s visitor’s parking or KL Live’s. Otherwise park illegally and risk getting clamped and summoned.