Netizens Are Swooning Over This Malay-Speaking “Mat Salleh” Cleaner Spotted At Putrajaya

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Beauty is to be admired, and Malaysians will be the first to admit that…. plus, what’s better than a hardworking, friendly nature paired with all that brawn, right?

A viral video of an attractive foreign cleaner spotted by TikTok user Maya (@mayasuhaimi) has been circulating on the app for over a month now, with netizens in awe of the sneaky candid shots featuring the man, who has been said to resemble the likes of Justin Bieber and Joe Goldberg, in a relaxed stance clad in the classic Malaysian cleaner uniform.

@mayasuhaimi #fyp #matsalleh #cleanershrimp ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

The brown-haired “pretty boy” was quick to capture the hearts of viewers, with some going so far as to discuss speculations of him being a spy from a foreign country or a whistleblower- because it’s not everyday that you see a 10 looming around the Putrajaya streets.

Maya also shut down rumours of the man being a part-time student who was working on the cleaner on the side, as he was seen performing his duties around the area every day. She also told viewers that he could speak Malay fluently, further amplifying the fangirling session…

With nearly 30,000 likes to date, netizens demanded a closer look at the hunk, and Maya delivered.

Check out the much anticipated follow-up video she published a week later:

@mayasuhaimi #bukanmatsalleh #fyp #handsomekan ♬ ZOOM – Jessi

Watch here if the video doesn’t load.

“Finally, I met him. Are you all satisfied now?” teased Maya, this time displaying portrait-style shots of the man, who she discovered was actually a Pakistan national named Khan.

While some still refused to believe that he was an undercover spy, others went on to say that he deserves a modelling contract and actually had the potential to get obtain one, what with the national attention and hype.

Pakistani actor Imran Abbas. (source:

Apparently, it’s not uncommon for certain ethnicities to have features similar to those of “mat salleh” people, namely the glossy hair, and eyes that are usually on the spectrum of green to brown.

But does this mean that a trip to Pakistan could earn you the perfect chance to cuci mata? Only one way to find out…