Marionexxes: Sexy Indie Pop

‘Harimau Malaya’ might be the song they are best known for commercially but it was ‘Marilyn Monroe’ that cemented their presence to us. Their brand of subversive pop punk mixed with transcendental Engrish lyrics (this is not snark, honest) on the latter track is heightened to great effect on ‘Pop’, the first single off their follow-up album Sex. With the anodyne guitar licks that begin the song and never stopping to the end, the song is indie pop of a higher calibre.

Like Weezer, there’s technical skills coupled with pop sensibilities on the track. The populist nature of the track, if not already obvious from the name, is as self-aware as it gets. Here’s a tip, Google translate the English lyrics to Malay and you’d be surprised by how well it reads.

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