Man Who Hasn’t Bathe in 65 Years Labelled as The World’s ‘Dirtiest’ Person

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source: Viralscape

An 83-year-old Iranian man has been labelled as the world’s dirtiest person since he hasn’t bathed for 65 years. He is terrified of water and believes that if he bathes, he will fall sick. He has stopped bathing for over six decades.

Amou Haji lives a nomadic life in the Iranian desert and is accustomed to rotting porcupine meat as his favourite dish. To stay healthy, he drinks five litres of water from a rusty oil can every day. He also enjoys smoking, but he uses dried cow dung as a substitute for tobacco.

Having no home, he wanders around the isolated village of Degjah in the Southern Iranian province of Fars. The villagers have built a hut for him, but Amou chose to live in holes he dug up in the desert.

source: Al Arabiya English

He has become closer to the colour of the Earth and blends well with his environment. Locals say they sometimes mistake Haji for a rock when he stays still.

Locals also believe that Haji went through a terrible heartbreak which led to his unusual lifestyle, and possible mental illness, but that does not stop him from finding love.

It might seem bizarre for someone to lead a life like this, but it’s reported that Haji has no care for the comforts of world and is content with his nomadic way of life.