Man Who Claimed To Board Sriwijaya Air Plane Now Admits That He Actually Went To Bali With His Mistress

On January 9, The Sriwijaya Air jet crashed into the Java Sea only minutes after it took off from Jakarta, making its way to Pontianak. It was carrying 62 people, including 10 children.

When search and rescue began, divers discovered debris and human remains, indicating that there were no survivors.

Despite recovering the plane’s black box, with no distress call or signs of turbulent weather, the cause of the crash is still unknown to this day.

While Indonesia mourns for the passengers of the crash, a Tik Tok and Instagram post are highlighting a tragic but hilarious turn of events surrounding the incident.

Take a look:

@thojenk1ngakunya kepontianak naik pesawat..tapi ternyata suaminya ke…?#selingkuhituindah #tiktokmalaysiaviral #suami #pelakor #tiktokindonesiafyp♬ original sound – DJ RYCKO RIA



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According to The Vocket, a man simply known as ‘Big Boss’ told his wife that he was boarding the Sriwijaya Air jet to Pontianak for a business trip. However, in reality, he boarded a different plane to Bali to head off on a holiday with his mistress.

Yes, men are still trash in 2021… Not surprising!

Since the plane crashed, the man faces the dilemma of having to either come clean to his wife about his affair or have his wife continue to believe that he is dead.

Making matters worse, his wife had already set up a tent at home and invited people to pay their respects.

Eventually, ‘Big Boss’ did come clean but he is still hesitant on returning home to face his family and the neighbours. Imagine coming back from the dead only to be known as a massive cheater and douchebag!

His wife on the other hand is relieved that her husband is alive but confused on how to feel about his affair.

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For her sake, we hope she pulls an Amy Dunne from Gone Girl on him. It’s what he deserves!