Man Takes Woman On First Date, Makes Her Involuntary Accomplice In Bank Robbery

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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, most people can agree that it’s pretty brain-racking to think of what romantic activities to do with their significant other.

Some of us eat out at scenic restaurants, some couples take short staycations to exotic locations while others simply opt for spending V-Day at home to name a few examples. Additionally, some choose to find romance on the day itself which would seem exciting and could make for some potentially heartwarming first-date tales.

This ain’t one of those stories. Sorry to burst your bubble lovebirds!

source: The Sun Chronicle

Meet 33-year-old Christopher Castillo, a Rhode Island man who matched with a woman on a dating app back in 2016 and proceeded to take her on what would possibly be the most criminal (literally) first date in history. Earlier this week, he received a 3-year sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery which is what generated the recent interest surrounding his case.

The unnamed woman picked up Castillo from his parents’ home in Chepachet, Rhode Island then accompanied him to a Bristol County Savings Bank located 30 minutes away in North Attleboro, Massachusetts.

She waited patiently for her date as he entered the bank and things seemed fine at first before Castillo sprinted back to her car wearing a pair of shades and a cap with a gun in hand as well as $1000 in cash to boot. This was when he shouted “F**cking go!” to his befuddled date who complied and dashed away in a panic.

CCTV footage of Castillo in the bank. source: The Sun Chronicle

Unfortunately for Castillo, his date pulled over and left her car after noticing that police cruisers were tailing her. If you thought that was the end of Castillo’s woes, he reportedly got involved in a violent struggle with the police as they pulled him out of his date’s vehicle and even spat on them before being subdued. This warranted him an additional two years of jail time.

Thankfully, the unwilling Bonnie to Castillo’s Clyde was not charged for anything and managed to flee the scene unscathed. Well, maybe not entirely as she will have to live with the memory of going on the “worst date ever” as she proclaimed and is probably gonna stay off dating apps for a very long time..

On that note, have a lovely Valentine’s Day everybody!

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