Local Man Disses White Vitagen On Twitter And Faces Wrath of White Vitagen Lovers

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Oh dear sweet Vitagen, thank you for always being there when we needed a deliciously fruity and milky beverage to keep us going through the day.

Personally, I do enjoy white Vitagen myself but it’s dosa to tell lies so no, I don’t really seek it but if it’s there, why not indulge?

source: Time Out

As I’m typing this, I realise I’ve never put much thought into this Malaysian staple until now when Twitter user, @rezarazali, shared a tweet proclaiming that no one likes white Vitagen.

Honestly I do respect him for speaking his mind but obviously white Vitagen lovers of the Twitterverse didn’t share the same sentiment and rallied together to defend their favourite Vitagen flavour.

Pictured above are two of potentially hundreds of tweets sharing words of support to the original Vitagen drink (yeah it’s the white one, Google it).

These were among some of the more positive tweets but with this being the internet, you’re bound to be flamed if somebody doesn’t agree with you.

source: Twitter

Skipping past all the f-bomb laced tweets, one particular Twitter user called for a march of solidarity for all white Vitagen lovers to “UNITE AND FIGHT”.

He even went as far to add the hashtag #JusticeForWhiteVitagen, which several other users also picked up on in their own tweets.

Whether the march actually happened or not is anyone’s guess but if that ain’t passion, I don’t know what is.

Despite all the backlash, Reza stood by his original tweet adding a follow up where he showed 2 bowls filled with various Vitagen flavours, with the white one appearing to be more in stock than the rest.

Does this prove Reza’s original tweet? Or is it because the white Vitagen lovers simply haven’t arrived at the location he tweeted that photo from?

Looks like another Malaysian Mystery Memoir, which I leave to you to uncover the truth for yourselves dear readers.

source: Tenor