Man Cries While Drinking His First Teh Tarik In Over Two Months

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Source: Flying Baguette

Don’t you miss the good old days where we could lepak at a mamak for hours on end, chatting away with our friends while sipping on some teh ais? Well, so does this guy.

Ever since the FMCO’s implementation in June, we haven’t been able to dine-in at restaurants and this includes mamak stalls. We surely don’t blame anyone for craving some roti and reminiscing the glorious deep-fried aroma of our local open-air food establishments.

However, the government recently announced a slew of relaxed SOPs for fully vaccinated individuals, including dining-in at eateries for Phase 2 states.

TikTok user @kenanganmengusikjiwaa, who has not dined-in for two months, recently uploaded a video of him drinking teh tarik that was enough to make a grown man cry at a mamak stall.

In the video, he began to become hysterical upon his first sip and even asked for a tissue paper to wipe away his ‘tears’.

“It’s been a long time since we lepak at the mamak.”

The video has since collected over 900k views and 91.5k likes at the time of publishing this article.

“We feel you, bro”

Although the crying was staged, many netizens were still moved by the man’s expression and flash backed to the days when they could hang out with their friends over a meal.

As we wait for the day we can safely meet at the mamak again, remember to follow proper SOPs and get vaccinated!

Check out the full video here:

@kenanganmengusikjiwaaaBila lama kau tak lepak mamak be like #fyp #abangbodohkasayabodoh🤣 #tiktokmalaysia #vaccine♬ original sound – A’R

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