WATCH: Man Crashes Into Herd Of Cows On Highway, Caught On Dashcam

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source: PanduLaju

A man faced the fright of his life when the vehicle he was driving crashed into a herd of cows roaming in the middle of the highway late at night yesterday.

The 70mai dashcam in the car captured the encounter, but the exact location of the incident is not known just yet.

In the viral video, the driver was shown travelling at 137 km/h, on the right lane of the road before ramming into multiple cows that appeared to be flung over the car in the film.

Watch the clip below:

@majoritiofficial Hati-hati semua ketika memandu. Jangan lupa baca doa naik kenderaan. Semoga dilindungi #lembu #moo #malam #gelap #langgar #memandu #kereta ♬ bunyi asal – majoritiofficial

Slamming on the brakes, the driver was heard chanting ‘Allahuakbar’ repetitively. He was most certainly hurt, and the car was substantially smashed, based on our view of the crash.

His current condition and identity are still unknown.

Meanwhile, netizens expressed their displeasure and questioned the acts of cattle owners who allowed their cattle to run loose.

The Tiktok post garnered mixed feelings as other viewers blamed the driver, saying that he should not have been driving at a quick pace in a dark area.

Some argued that it did not matter who was at ‘fault’, and only urged for drivers to be careful on the road especially during festive seasons especially when they balik kampung, as this is when citizens usually drive to visit areas rich with farming activities.

The incident highlighted the importance of staying aware while driving, and looking out for any form of obstacles that may disrupt the journey, be it an object or a sentient being.