Man Charged with Murder After Raping Sleeping 40-Year-Old Woman in Her House

(source: Kosmo)

According to NST, a herdsman was charged at the Magistrate Court (Municipal) over the murder of a woman at her house in Taman Seruling Emas, Sungai Bakap on 28 August.

However, no plea was recorded from the accused, M. Kirubakaran, 29, after the charges were read to him before Magistrate Aziana Azib, today (7 Sept).

He was charged for committing murder and causing the death of Lee Ling Tee, 40, in a house at Jalan Permatang Ara, Taman Seruling Emas, Sungai Bakap between 3am and 4am on 28 Aug.

The charge was framed under Section 302 of the Penal Code which carries the mandatory death sentence upon conviction. Kirubakaran also pleaded guilty to two separate charges of administering drugs into his system.

The case will be mentioned again on 8 Nov while waiting for the pathology and autopsy report. The accused was not allowed bail too.

To recap, a clerk was believed to have been suffocated to death after she was raped and sodomised by a man who broke into her home back on 28 Aug.

Initial investigations revealed a friend of the 40-year-old victim had gone to her house as they had made an appointment to meet about 3pm on that fateful Saturday. When the 41-year-old woman arrived in front of the house, she saw a man leaving the victim’s house on a motorcycle.

She then alerted the victim’s older sister, who lodged a report to the police.

Shortly after, authorities came and found the house in a mess. It was then that they discovered the victim under a bed in the room on the ground floor.

One of the woman’s neighbours managed to take down the motorcycle’s registration plate number and based on that, police later arrested the suspect, who had five previous records for criminal and drug offences.

(source: Yahoo News)

Based on Kirubakaran’s testimony, he had stopped in the back lane of the victim’s house, climbed over the back wall and gained access through windows.

The suspect then went into the bedroom on the ground floor and found the victim sleeping. He then raped and sodomised the victim.

During the attack, the victim had put up a fight and shouted for help. The suspect then stuffed the victim’s underwear into her mouth and covered her mouth with his hand.

After a while, the victim stopped moving and is believed to have died. He then ransacked the house and took the victim’s cell phone, cash and a locket, which he later threw into a river, near the location he was hiding until his arrest.