Police Searching For 4-Year-Old Girl Currently Held Against Her Will By “Father”

Source: Kosmo!

What were you doing at 4 years old? Probably playing outside with your friends, watching cartoons on TV, spending time with your loving parents. Well, not all of us are that fortunate.

Recently, the tale of a homeless 4-year-old girl on the streets of Chow Kit being allegedly abused by her “father” has been circulating around the media.

The story surfaced from a Facebook post by an officer of the Welfare Department, who shared her encounter with the girl.

The girl, currently living on the streets of Chow Kit as a beggar along with her grandmother, was raised under the roof of her “father” who is said to be a drug dealer and a widower.

The welfare officer was on location when the girl allegedly ran towards her, in a terrified and troubled state with tears running down her face from her already swollen and bruised eyes.

Source: TODAYOnline

Said welfare officer immediately reported this to local police officers and a patrol car from Dang Wangi police headquarters arrived to the location.

The “father” was questioned on site, while the helpless girl was said to have wrapped her arms around the welfare officer tight, allegedly saying she didn’t want to leave with her “father”.

The woman said the “father” requested RM6,000 in return for the girl.

The welfare officer said the police had asked her to care for the child for the time being. However, she was quickly snatched away by the “father”, who then scolded her, further frightening the girl and elevating the situation.

“She was forced to go with him, though it was against her will,” said the welfare officer.

The welfare officer then attempted to interview the “father”, but to no avail as he fled the scene with the young girl in haste.

Source: The Rakyat Post

Bukit Aman Sexual, Women and Child Investigations Division (D11) Principal Assistant Director Assistant Commissioner Siti Kamsiah Hassan said they had received word on the matter on Saturday, according to a report by Kosmo.

“The report was made by a Welfare Department officer, who received tips from the public. According to the report, the victim was roaming the streets of Chow Kit with her grandmother, begging,” Siti Kamsiah said.

Presently, the Welfare Department is investigating the case under Section 32 Children’s Act 2001, for allowing a child under one’s custody to be on the streets, or at any premises for the purpose of begging.

The police are actively searching for the girl, and her “father”.