Man Arrested For Killing His Own Mother as a Sacrifice to Find Treasure After Meeting Bomoh

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The victim’s body found in an old building in Malang, Java. source: Tribunnews

A man from East Java was arrested by police after he was believed to have killed his own mother as a sacrifice for the sake of finding treasure.

Tribunnews reported on Monday that Arifudin Hamdy, 35, was arrested two days after the discovery of the body of a woman named Mistrin, 65.

Malang Police Chief AKBP Hendri Umar said Hamdy killed his mother with intent at Mukim Sumber Pucung, Malang district.

Before the murder, the victim and her son met up with a bomoh (shaman) in Blitar district, East Java. After the meeting, the bomoh had a vision that there was treasure sitting somewhere in an old building.

Hendri said the suspect had planned to make his mother a sacrifice to get the treasure. “The suspect claims to have heard an unseen whisper asking him to kill his mother,” Hendri said. It is believed that he did so in hopes that after sacrificing his mother, he would get the treasure.

“But after two days of returning to the area, he found his dead mother in a pile of land while the treasure was not found,” he said.

According to Hendri, the suspect will be charged for leading someone to their death which carries a sentence of imprisonment of up to 15 years.