Man Accidentally Sets His House On Fire In An Attempt To Kill A Fly With A Bug-Zapper Racket

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While blasting Skrillex music to kill mosquitos may lead to some seriously annoyed neighbours, at least it isn’t as dangerous as… an electric fly swatter?

In Parcoul-Chenaud, France, an elderly 82-year-old man caused a massive explosion which burned a part of his house. This all happened due to a pesky fly that refused to leave him alone.

source: stoppestinfo

Reaching his boiling point, he grabbed an electric racquet and attempted to swat at it, but unknown to him, his gas cylinder was actually leaking. The meeting of electric and flammable gas caused an eruption and it almost cost the man his life.

Luckily the man managed to escape with just a burned hand but the state of his house was not so fortunate. The man’s house is currently uninhabitable since the explosion caused the ceiling to collapse. He was then transported to the hospital for check-ups on his injuries.

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