NETIZENS REACT: Malaysians Rilled Up After PAS Assemblyman Congratulates The Taliban

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(source: NST/Twitter)

At around 11am today (18 Aug), a PAS assemblyman congratulated the Taliban, an Islamist military movement, for taking control of Afghanistan.

Batu Buruk assemblyman Muhammad Khalil Abdul Hadi, who is also in the PAS International Affairs and External Relations Committee, said that the “independence” achieved this time is the result of the efforts of all Afghans in an effort to liberate their homeland.

(source: Twitter)

“With this victory, it is hoped that all stakeholders will work together and reach an agreement to make peace and work to redevelop and put Afghanistan back on track.

“May the new government of Afghanistan and its people work together to develop Afghanistan and achieve prosperity, peace and progress after this based on the Shariah and comprehensive Islamic values as well as receive the blessings and help of Allah SWT,” Khalil who is also the son of former PAS President, Abdul Hadi Awang said on Twitter.

(source: AP News)

ICYMI, Taliban insurgents returned to power in Kabul on Monday after a military advance across Afghanistan as US-led forces departed, and Western nations stepped up efforts to evacuate their citizens from the capital.

Many Afghans fear the Taliban will return to past harsh practices in their imposition of shariah, or Islamic religious law. During their 1996-2001 rule, women could not work and punishments such as stoning, whipping and hanging were administered. Public beheadings were also frequently held inside the capital’s football stadium.

This time around though, the militants are seeking to project a more moderate face, promising to respect women’s rights and protect both foreigners and Afghans. However, The Guardian reported numerous threats towards women on the streets and police evacuating a women’s university dormitory in Kabul because the advancing Taliban forces “will beat women who do not have a burqa”.

Video footage of desperate Afghans attempting to flee the country and falling down from a US plane in mid-air, sent chilling shockwaves across the internet.

As for the recent statement by PAS, many Malaysians were taken aback and condemned the message.

Take a look at what some had to say:


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