Malaysian At Heart ’19 Collection Is Here & It’s Reflective Sweatshirt Will Make You Pop!

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Being homesick is nothing new, especially when your mi casa is located in Malaysia. As we move into an era where more of us are starting to earn our keep away from our tanah air, the sense of missing home could hit you hard. This feeling hit the founder of Highborn, Chris Yap, in 2016 as Malaysia Day approached and that’s where the concept of ‘Malaysian At Heart’ was founded.

Two years later, Highborn brought back the ‘Malaysian At Heart’ collection under a new diffusion line, Highborn Lab. The latest M.A.H 2019 collection has expanded their range of items, unlike in 2018 where they only made t-shirts.

Now, you get to cop their new colourways to the signature ‘Malaysian At Heart’ tee, a reflective sweatshirt, and a canvas tote bag.

The designs by Ming Li consist of the human heart which represents a part of ourselves, and hibiscus flowers growing out of the heart embodying our Malaysian roots.

Highborn lab stated that, “With the dawn of a new era in this country, it only made sense that this line had new life breathed into it again. And that our fellow Malaysians wore it with a new sense of hope and purpose.”

According to Chris, “no matter where we are or what the condition of our country is, we still love Malaysia and carry it close to our hearts. You can take a Malaysian out of Malaysia, but you can’t take Malaysia out of a Malaysian.”

Scroll down and check out the full M.A.H 2019 collection:

1. Malaysian At Heart Canvas Totebag (RM49)

2. Malaysian At Heart Oversized Reflective Sweatshirt (RM189)

3. Malaysian At Heart Regular Fit Black Tee (RM79)

4. Malaysian At Heart Regular Fit White Tee (RM79)



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