Up Your Streetwear Game with Superorganism x Undercover Limited Edition Merch

source: Purple Sneakers

Initially a casual recording project, London-based pop collective Superorganism went beyond casual and became an internet hit group. They first caught our attention back in 2017 with their trippy-meme inspired MV for ‘Something For Your M.I.N.D.’, which made its way on the FIFA 18 soundtrack.

Funny enough, some members of the band bonded together because of their shared affection for the new-age hieroglyphs a.k.a memez.

Superorganism’s aesthetic and music definitely come together well, and you can wear it proudly with Superorganism’s collaboration with Japanese brand Undercover. It features playful images and consists of a range of tees, hoodies, jackets and shoulder bags, all of which feature an original spacey/floral themed-monster design.

They look exactly what the band would wear. Check out the collection below:

We wish the merch is available in Malaysia, but sometimes you need to go far to get what you want… (Singapore dekat sikit right?)

The limited edition merch will be available at all UNDERCOVER stores worldwide and selected stockists in February. Listen to Superorganism here and check out their trippy website for more info.