Malaysian Advertises Friend on Shopee for RM1.70 to Find a Soulmate

source: Washington Post

In this modern world that we live in, finding and purchasing items can be done in a matter of clicks. Similarly, the same can be said for finding love thanks to dating websites all across the Internet. But finding a soulmate? Man, that’s gonna take some effort and good self-advertising.. unless of course somebody else handles the advertising part for you.

A teenager from Perak put up a listing of her friend on the e-commerce platform, Shopee, in an effort to help her find a soulmate. The listing was priced at RM1.70 with free shipping and even featured a description that would leave any parent-in-law-to-be highly impressed.

The three-lined description her friend gave her is a definite win which roughly translates to:

“A good daughter

Willing to guide you to heaven

Doesn’t carry any viruses”

source: Giphy

That’s one hell of a description. Moreover, listings on Shopee allow you to go into detail and state what type of material(s) your item is made of. On her listing, the outer material part says ‘Leather’ which might imply that this girl is one tough cookie or maybe I’m just looking too deep into it.

I can’t seem to determine whether her friend who made this listing is really good or horrible for doing this. On one hand, she’s giving major shine to her bestie which is what best friends tend to do, and if this actually gets her a date – more power to her.

source: Gfycat

On the other hand she’s (probably unknowingly) leaving her friend exposed and vulnerable to identity fraud, and RM1.70 isn’t exactly the most flattering price point, unless of course she REALLY needs a soulmate ASAP but I suspect this was done sneakily and for fun. Either way, JUICE does not condone the sale of humans in any form.

I just hope the girl takes this in stride (and not out on her pranking friend) because, honestly, the world is a dull and sad place at the moment, and even though it was a prank, the incident has lightened many a-netizens’ day.

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