Love All Things DC Comics? Visit The World of DC Exhibition Happening At the Tropicana Gardens Mall!

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Are you a DC comics fan?

If you said yes, then you’re missing out if you don’t head down to “The World of DC Exhibition” happening right now until April 1 2023 at the Tropicana Gardens Mall!

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The World of DC Exhibition is being shown across Asia through the combined efforts of Warner Bros. Discovery Global Themed Entertainment and the Beast Kingdom.

Expect to see life-size exhibits, interactive segments, movie props, costumes, concept art and exclusive merchandise featuring iconic DC Super Heroes and Villains such as Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and the Joker.

source: Gamer Santai

Seven themed zones are featured at the exhibition, each highlighting specific characters and concepts. These zones range from Dawn of Justice, featuring Superman and Batman, to Rise of Super-Villains, which stars the Birds of Prey and Suicide Squad.

DC Fans will be able to lay their eyes upon notable DC memorabilia such as Superman’s iconic red-and-blue suit, the Batmobile, Knight Crawler, Bat-Signal, and Wonder Woman’s various outfits.

Additionally, interactive exhibits like Wonder Woman’s Training Field, Aquaman’s Aquarium, and many others will allow visitors to feel the thrill of possessing superpowers for themselves!

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Selangor Menteri Besar, Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari, stated that the increase in events happening within the state is all in due thanks to the reopening of borders.

He commended the exhibition after officiating it saying, “Events like this have the pull factor for the tourism industry as well as the potential to drive economic growth, retail expansion, and community engagement across all ages and backgrounds”.

source: Gamer Santai

For those of you interested, check out the ticket prices listed below:

  • Children – RM38 (ages 3-12)
  • MyKad holders – RM55 
  • Non-MyKad holders – RM65
  • Express ticket – RM150

(*Featured image taken from Gamer Santai)