M’sia Has 300,000 Sugar Babies, Most of Them Women in Their 20s Who Receive RM2,500 a Month

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source: R.AGE

Apparently, Malaysia might have an ant infestation soon because not only do we have hordes of sugar daddies, but we’re also home to more than 300,000 sugar babies!

According to widely popular and surprisingly accessible dating platform, Sugarbook, Malaysia’s sugar babies are mostly young women who are still in university and in their 20s.

The aforementioned platform’s members in addition to members from their competitor SeekingArrangement, totals up to more than 300,000 sugar babies.

According to both platforms, these young women seek financial support from older men to help with their student loan debts, high cost of living, rising university tuition fees and networking opportunities.

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Closely related to the downward spiral of our country’s economy due to the pandemic, Sugarbook saw a 40% spike in new registrations within this age demographic.

The average age of a sugar daddy in Malaysia is 35 years-old while the average age for a sugar baby is 23 years-old.

If you were wondering about their allowance, these women usually make RM2,500 a month which is lower than some entry-level office jobs.

So do you happen to know a classmate who dabbles in a sugar relationship? Because statistically, you just might.