Buckle Up! Malaysia’s First Ever Driverless Electric Bus Is Starting Trials Along The BRT Line

Source: The Star

Are you ready for the future? It’s here. Malaysia’s first ever autonomous electric bus trial will be conducted starting next month!

In hopes to bring more sustainability and eco-conscious efforts into everyday commute, Rapid Bus Sdn Bhd will be introducing this joint effort on its Sunway Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) network using a single fully-imported bus from China for a whole year.

The trial is set to provide valuable input for the optimisation of self-driving buses in the future, when it is further proven to be operational safely and efficiently while reducing costs and manpower.

eMooVit and Rapid Bus to Trial Run Electric Bus at BRT Sunway | BusinessToday
Source: Business Today

This is a huge game changer for public transportation. The bus being an electric vehicle not only promotes using less harmful emissions in vehicles, but will also improve the urban transport system from a technological, social, and economic standpoint.

In an interview with The Star, Rapid Bus head Muhammad Yazurin Sallij said, “Rapid Bus chose this autonomous bus technology to enhance the public transport sector in line with the need to increase sustainability and environmental friendliness.”

According to a recent statement from the General Insurance Association of Malaysia, more than 80% of road accidents in Malaysia are caused by driver error.

The trial is fully focused on solving problems in the public transport sector.

Saw this female bus driver helping a wheelchair bound passenger to alight during my ride yesterday. We need more accessible public transport to all : r/malaysia

The actual bus is able to transport 25 passengers at a time. However, during the trial the bus will not be carrying any passengers for safety measures.

Autonomous electric buses have been tested in countries all over the world such as Paris, Norway, Spain, China, and Scotland.

If this works, it could completely change the public transportation in Malaysia. Who knows what the future holds? Maybe there will be autonomous electric planes soon…