Making A Scene: Expanding Malaysia’s Pop Culture Landscape

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Pop culture is ubiquitous, an all devouring term that defines everything you do, like, dislike and think you like and dislike. From music to political beliefs, a pop culture product is accepted en masse before it eventually defines who we are later. Come 31 August, Malaysia has only had 54 years of independence – We are still highly susceptible to outside influence and our pop culture is still in its infancy.

Yet throughout the years we have had Pop Yeh Yeh, Kampung Boy, rock kapak, Ramly Burger, Shaw Brothers, P.Ramlee, and Yasmin Ahmad among others shaping pop culture that became uniquely ours. JUICE speaks to the current movers and shakers of the myriad of scenes in the Klang Valley whom we believe are future contributors of Malaysia’s ever changing pop culture milieu in order to find out why they do what they do and just what it takes to make a scene.

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