Netizens Touched By Photos Of ‘Makcik’ Dressed As Mascot To Make A Living At Wangsa Maju

source: Facebook

The sight of the elderly going the extra mile to put food on the table is always disquieting, what more when the element of proximity is involved such as with the recently uploaded Facebook post depicting a ‘Makcik’ clad in a pink mascot costume in Wangsa Maju.

According to the poster, she would make a regular appearance at the night market dressed as various colourful mascots and cartoon characters, and make a living from the money she charges passersby to take photos with her.

He noted that, upon removing the head of the costume, he was shocked to see the “tired face” of someone around his parents’ age looming behind it.

“She looked so tired. At the age, she should just be resting at home, but this is probably the only way for her to generate a halal income. Whatever it is, may God ease her burdens and bless her with abundant sustenance and good health,” he wrote.

His message resounded in the comments section, with netizens sharing similar sentiments, saying that at her age, the ‘Makcik’ should not have to strain herself in attempt to entertain others for the sake of earning wages.

Many also noted that besides having to sit for long hours, the costumes were definitely uncomfortable and humid inside.

Besides that, a user claimed that she also managed her own business within the area, and that the ‘Makcik’ was actually part of a family who took turns wearing the costumes and doing the job.

The post has garnered nearly 300 shares thus far. And before you ask – yes, the poster paid her for the photos he took and published!

Apart from that, the poster has encouraged individuals looking to help the ‘Makcik’ to simply go up to her and ask how you may assist her, or simple support her business and maybe a leave a few tips!