Madonna Trends as Confused Netizens Mistake Her With Late-Footballer Diego Maradona

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(source: Meaww)

World-class Argentinian football player Diego Maradona died overnight aged 60, sending both his country and fans worldwide into mourning today as they remember the legacy of one of the sport’s greatest stars.

Besides being a footballer, he is famously known for using his position to protest imperialism and inequality, and even received an offer to coach Pahang’s football team as reported by NST.

In an unexpected twist though, it also sent thousands into mourning for Madonna which caused the iconic pop artiste to trend on Twitter – just ’cause their names are slightly similar. Several fans mistook Maradona’s name as Madonna and went ahead to pay tributes to the singer.

Considering Twitter was flooded with tribute messages for both the legends, the rumour around Madonna’s death began to spread far and wide outside of the bird-app. Luckily, there was also an avalanche of tweets pointing out it was the sports star who had passed away and not the singer.

While some users recognised the confusion and became openly frustrated with the viral mess-up, others simply used the opportunity to troll.

Take a look at all the confusion that happened this morning: 

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