Machinedrum: ‘Gunshotta’

When it comes to musical output, Machinedrum lives up to his stage name. His machine-like aptitude at churning out electronic music of various kinds has led to the seminal Room(s) – a record that picks apart genres from the UK bass scene and subverts them with ease. On second single, ‘Gunshotta’, off sophomore Vapour City (released last September), Machinedrum channels Burial for a tune that should give you an idea of the album’s conceptual nature.

Based on the fictional Gunshotta Ave. district, described as “a street you don’t want to walk down alone”, the track has all the expected tropes of UK bass; reverbs, ragga sample, repetitive hi-hats, d’n’b, and well, a sh!tload of bass. All soaked in grit so thick, you can almost smell the aftertaste of London’s polluted rainwater, except Machinedrum is from North Carolina.