M.I.A: Desert Swaggin’

While JUICE was busy lollygagging during the holidays, music’s resident badass M.I.A released the video to her latest single ‘Bad Girls’, which could only be described as an epic tribute to the insane YouTube videos of vehicular stunts done by Arabs too bored by the recreational void that is their country. Directed by M.I.A’s favourite Romain Gavras, who had committed ginger genocide on her ‘Born Free’ video before, ‘Bad Girls’ is much less pretentious and more occupied with subverting your preconception — creating what we would dub as Gulf-cool. Look out for a ginger cameo in the video.

This, coupled with her F-you to the American audience during Super Bowl, makes us almost forgive her for the god-awful Madonna collaboration and her previous album.

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