Love Your Sayur? This PJ Restaurant Serves Salads in Sushi Form

From religious beliefs and health issues to concern over animal rights and the environment, there are many reasons why people are going vegetarian. While some people are sworn meat-eaters for life, there’s no denying that there’s a growing trend amongst urban dwellers to incorporate plant-based foods into their daily makan routine.

It doesn’t mean that if you’re vegetarian you can never eat meat or dairy. Rather, you are proportionately choosing more of your foods from plant sources. With many stepping up to the realities of climate change, it’s no wonder why influencers and climate activists are introducing this diet to their followers – and people are eating it up, pun intended.

The market is there and Malaysia doesn’t seem to be left behind. There are tonnes of vegetarian options in Klang Valley and this new restaurant – Shiang Hai in Petaling Jaya – is changing it up by serving us Japanese-styled vegetarian sushi which looks delicious!

They currently serve up to 70 types of vegetarian dishes prepared by their skilled chefs. You can indulge in many rolls of sushi without worrying about carbs or salty sauces as it’s filled with healthy greens and fruits. This vegetarian sushi can’t get any more natural and healthier. Expect salads in roll forms and mango in your sushi.

Check out Shiang Hai’s signature dishes:

1. Beetroot Sushi Roll

2. Avocado Sushi Roll

3. Chee Cheong Fun Wrapped Sushi

4. Banana Sushi Roll

5. Mango Sushi

6. Prosperity Tofu (Pumpkin)

So, if you want to start your plant-based diet lifestyle without sacrificing taste, checkout Shiang Hai Restaurant as they provide a fresh and fashionable haven for both you and full-on vegetarians! Jom makan

Shiang Hai Restaurant

Location Ground Floor, Mentari Plaza, Bandar Sunway, 40, Jalan PJS 8/2, 46150 Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Operation Hours Daily from 10am – 9pm

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