Look Sophisticated Even When Travelling With Sacoor Brothers Latest S/S18 Collection

It’s time for us to step up and leave drabby clothing while travelling behind. We get it that you want to be comfortable, but hey, there’s nothing wrong with being fashionable while sightseeing. Not to mention how your Instagram will be poppin’ by the end of the trip!

“The best journey is always the next”, that is the latest tagline for the Sacoor Brothers latest Spring/Summer 2018 collection ‘World Trotters’. The collection includes three distinct themes: Slow Future, Nomad, & Salt Water.

Each of the three themes carries within its pieces strong peculiarities and sensibilities, focusing on varying elements of sophistication that allow men and women to portray themselves with flawless confidence. Scroll down to see more details:

Slow Future: Inspired by the clean and contemporary moods of NYC

It represents the frozen time as the seasons begin to change with a colour palette that is mixed with dark and light shades of grey, green, mint, blue, white and beige derived from the urban feel of NYC. Design to create an aesthetic that is simple, minimal and comfortable. The pieces have a timeless feel with clean silhouettes, practical details and materials. Inspired by the city that never sleeps to show a more relaxed and pure look – perfect for everyday life.

Nomad: A rich focus on a very Moroccan mood

The wear is crafted for the traveller and include premium materials that simplify casual wear. The mood inspires bohemian travel through aromas, colours, traditions and various Moroccan influences. Exploring the world in a casual puritan look with loose fittings and natural materials gives the explorer a true sense of belonging to the new cultures being explored.

Salt Water: A collection which reflects the light-hearted essence of Greece

An intense blue and white theme offers a notion of tranquillity and relaxed vacation time. Shades of yellow portray the sun at its highest peak and all the landscapes along the sea. The blues of this palette inspire explorations into the salty water of the sea, while island whites are the neutrals that resemble the Greek islands’ surface.

The collection is available now at all Sacoor Brothers’ outlets in Malaysia.

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