3000 Police Reports Lodged Against Local Ustaz For Defaming Non-Muslims In Viral Video Sermon

Source: The Vibes

Local preacher Syakir Nasoha has had about 3000 police reports lodged against him after one of his sermons was posted online and circulated around the media.

The viral video sermon showed the Ustaz warning Malaysian Muslims about a plot to destroy their religion, belittling non-Muslims and making racial comments.

“During the end times, the enemies of Islam will swarm you like flies to a meal, scrambling to eat. The same is true today, the non-believers are clamouring to kill Muslims.

“Gentlemen, indeed the ones leading this are the Jews and Christians, but remember, who are the ones who bombed the mosques? Is it the Americans or the Israelis?”

He also claimed that Buddhists and Hindus are behind the killings of Muslims in Thailand and India.

Since the Ustaz has been accused of defaming non-Muslims, netizens made it clear that they are outraged by this incident and wanted justice.

Global Human Rights Federation president S. Shashi Kumar stated that a number of non-governmental organisations, civil society groups and activists will be taking action against this.

Source: The Vibes

“We, the non-Muslims, are fed-up of being targeted. Enough is enough. This is a deliberate attack on non-Muslims.

“So, we are lodging these police reports because we want this preacher to be arrested immediately and charged,” Shashi said outside the Sentul district police headquarters.

He also urged policymakers to implement practices that would outlaw religious and racial hate in Malaysia.

“The reason this bill needs to be tabled is because there are always double standards when it comes to the treatment of non-Muslims.

Shashi also added that National Unity Minister Datuk Halimah Mohamed Sadique should step down if she does not pass the bill.

Source: The Edge Markets

“What kind of leader are you? Treat everyone as Malaysians and treat us with respect.”

Further, he said the Islamic Development Department should be supervising and monitoring preachers for unacceptable racist and demeaning behaviour.

“When one insults Muslims or Islam, actions are taken immediately and that individual is charged. However, it is not applicable when it happens the other way around.

“We have seen cases against Muslim preachers dropped, even though there is concrete evidence against them.”

The human rights activist also drew attention to the fact that racial and religious discrimination starts at the very top of our society; the national leaders of Malaysia themselves.

“The core of this problem comes from the government itself. The MPs (Members of Parliament) and ministers always call the people penumpang (occupants) and pendatang (immigrants).

“Muslim preachers should talk about their own faith and not other religions.”

Racism has always been a serious issue known to cause disharmony and incite wars, and should not be taken lightly.

It’s high time we put a stop to this.