Listen Up: Apparat

Sascha Ring, better known as the Berlin IDM composer Apparat, comes back from a self-imposed creative sabbatical to craft The Devil’s Walk, the fourth album under that DJ moniker. Together with Joshua Eutis, Fredo Noguerira, and Patrick ‘Nackt’ Christensen, he worked at a temporary studio in Sayulita, Mexico where the lull in his inventiveness was cured and given inspiration. If the lead single ‘Black Water’ indicates his trajectory on this record, it’s one that’s a far cry from his early techno upbringings.

Sounding much more cinematic than the previous single off the album, the build-up of ‘Black Water’ is a steady crescendo that would initially remind you of a particular Mew magnum opus before surprising you with its chilly denouement – the sound of raindrops. Although the IDM label (intelligent dance music) might make you groan in hipster disdain, don’t let that stop you from checking out what truly is good music.

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