LISTEN: similarobjects’ ‘Love Me Crazy (Feat. Vandetta, Darren Ashley, and Nguyen Hong Giang)’

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source: similarobjects

You can thank the SoundLab musician residency for this collaboration that brought together four artistes from the SEA region for a chilled tune, and just in time for Darren Ashley’s Monday Juice series to boot. ‘Love Me Crazy’ is the result of experimenting and exploring among these few artistes, namely Filipino producer similarobjects, Singaporean singer Vandetta, local musician Darren Ashley, and Vietnamese multi-genre producer Nguyen Hong Giang. This is an r’n’b track that you’d find very amiable to the ears and mind, it’s soulful, lovely, and considering it’s done in half a day with so many people involved, it’s amazingly a seamless feat.

Take a listen below:

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