LISTEN: R’n’b Songstress Nadhira Says ‘Hold Me Down’ In a New Single

She’s no stranger in the Malaysian music scene, having 8 years under her belt of experience. From rock, jazz, blues, and r’n’b, Nadhira continues to experiment with her sound and channel that collaborative spirit in her new single titled ‘Hold Me Down’ featuring rapper SXPH.

It’s not unusual for Nadhira to travel around the world to find inspiration for her craft. In her previous albums, she has collaborated with numerous international artists from the likes of Canadian rapper Vandal, and Indonesian reggae ambassador Ras Muhamad – which adds more dimension to her already colourful album that sets itself apart from anything else in Malaysia.

For her new single off the next record, Nadhira formulates the same aspiration and strategy to showcase her collaborative spirit with rapper SXPH. Check it out below:

It feels fresh while maintaining that evergreen feeling of a song which makes this an instant classic of Nadhira’s. We can’t wait to see what’s brewing in the new record that’ll make us fall more for her music.

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