LISTEN: Midnight Oil’s 10th Volume Includes Vets CEE and Syndicate SG’s Kiat

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source: Midnight Oil

It’s been some time since we last covered local beat cypher Midnight Oil, but its latest volume, the 10th, with its sample choice in French composer André Popp’s ‘Bloody Serenade’ and participation by a couple of beat veterans, namely German transplant CEE and Syndicate SG’s co-founder Kiat, makes for too big of an edition to miss. Naturally, the two of them kick off the cypher before it goes through the usual rounds of Akhyla boys VMPRMYTH, KAIN, YAHNA, Decemberkid, and Reddi Rocket plus other locals (newbies and previous Midnight Oil alumni alike) in I-Sky, Addinsan, Wanhanzan, Godmode, Imran Omar, and KVN. As with previous releases though, there’s always a complete outsider jumping into the fray, and NY-based Taiwanese Eddies Res fits that role with a hip hop break from all the bass-y choons.

Stream it below:

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