LISTEN: Maha Jeffery Goes Acoustic With ‘Changes’ EP

Dear KL peeps, here’s a little something to keep you company on rainy days. Maha Jeffery shows us with his new project Changes how all it can take to be cosy is to play the right song.

Changes is a three-track acoustic EP dedicated to Jeffery’s mentor, friend, and bandmate who passed a few years ago. It was recorded and produced in Oxford and mastered by Pete Maher in London. The album features Jeffery’s three singles ‘Used To Be’, ‘Not My Place’ and ‘Changes’.

The EP captures the raw, warm, raspiness of Jeffery’s voice, accompanied beautifully by an acoustic guitar. It’s the perfect album to play at coffee shops, or to sway to with a cup of coffee or tea for a peaceful brunch indoors.

To the unaware, Jeffery is also known as the enigmatic frontman of TMJB and for his electrifying showmanship. Before Jeffery evolved into one of the distinguishable voices in the KL rock scene, he started off with a pop-blues sound along the likes of John Mayer. Fun fact: his first single ‘Sleep’ was released in 2015.

Jeffery comes from a multi-instrumental background, being proficient across many instruments as well as vocals. This worked well for him considering how he got to open for acts across a variety of genres! He also got to headline some of his own shows at local venues including The Bee, Medekarya, Ril’s Bangsar, as well as venues in Thailand, Indonesia and the UK.

Catch Maha Jeffery boldly embarking on a softer direction with his music on the new EP Changes!

P.S. Tell your Oxford friends that there’s an album pre-order party for ‘Changes’ on Jan 25 at The Royal Blenheim.

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