LISTEN: Dirgahayu’s ‘Forerunners’

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source: Dirgahayu

The very industrious Dirgahayu embarked on a small tour with Japanese rock band Nothingness where the two bands performed tracks from their latest split release called Emer/Gency. All mixed and mastered by Lee Meng Shiong, the release features a track called ‘Loop/Blame’ from Nothingness and ‘Forerunners’ by the local math rock foursome. If you were not present for their shows in Kota Baru, Kuantan, or even PJ to hear ‘Forerunners’ live, here’s your chance to have a preview. If you’ve familiarised yourself with Dirgahayu’s proclivity for elaborate compositions, a curious mind would want to dissect the intricacy of their laborious output. A yelp invites you into the labyrinth where guitars whirred wildly, charged in spasms, and the drums pummeled. There are two valleys within the song where the surging of energy would dissipate gradually, changing the sensibility into a smooth, languorous interlude before the men proceed to a high-octane assault, taking no care of being tactful in their approach.

Take a listen below:

Order a copy of the split CD with Nothingness‬ at [email protected] (mail order / COD). It will be available at selected local record stores soon.

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