LISTEN: Ayub Jonn’s ‘With U’

source: Ayub Jonn

It’s been more than a year and half since we last heard a new track from Indonesian r’n’b act Ayub Jonn (if you haven’t heard it, ‘Abadi’ is up there with the best of Miguel). But any fears of Jonn exiting the scene as quickly as he entered it were allayed with the recent release of ‘With U’ – the marquee producer of Bandung collective ONAR, Twiezzy, and Jonn’s foray into dance pop-indebted r’n’b. Over a tropical house beat, his falsetto lulls listeners with sweet nothings – beguiling you into the “blue skies” – with even more potency and summery flit than the earthy earnestness of his previous single. ‘With U’ reaffirms our belief that these Bandung natives have the musical acumen to not only recognise the sounds of today, but get them perfectly right too.

Listen to the track below:

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