List of Postponed Events & Concerts in Malaysia Due to COVID-19 Outbreak

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(source: Malay Mail)

Confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malaysia have surged after 5 March, jumping to 117 on 9 March 2020. Fears over the spreading coronavirus are causing entertainment and event organisers to take extra precautions with mass gatherings. As worries over the virus continue to grow, so too does the list of events and concerts that are being called off.

While some concert-goers tweeted out that they are disappointed that they will have to wait longer to see their favourite artistes in the flesh, others are relieved by the news – feeling they won’t be able to enjoy a performance with the threat of Covid-19 still at large.

So, to make sure you won’t show up on the day of the supposed event – here’s a list of concerts and events that are cancelled or postponed:

1. Kenny G (original date: Feb 16, rescheduled date: TBD)

2. Raveena (original date: March 8, rescheduled date: TBD)

3. Seventeen (original date: Feb 22, CANCELLED)

4. The Wynners (original date: Feb 22, rescheduled date: Dec 12)

5. Jay Chou (original date: Feb 29, rescheduled date: Aug 22)

6. Super Junior (original date: March 1, rescheduled date: TBD)

7. GOT7 (original date: March 7, CANCELLED)

8. Rockaway Festival (original date: March 14 and 15, rescheduled date: TBD)

9. Kim Jae-joong (original date: March 14, rescheduled date: TBD)

10. Stormzy (original date: March 20, rescheduled date: Nov 10)

11. Miriam Yeung (original date: March 21, rescheduled date: TBD)

12. Babymetal (original date: March 27, rescheduled date: TBD)

13. Anthrax (original date: April 4, rescheduled date: TBD)

14. Wired Music Week (original date: 12-15 March, rescheduled date: TBD)

15. Khalid (original date: 4th April 2020, rescheduled date: TBD)

Apologies if we missed out on any events that have been cancelled or postponed.

On a parting note – take care of your health and keep it here at JUICE

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