Thai Artist & BLACKPINK Member, LISA Becomes The First & Only K-Pop Solo Act to Win a VMA

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(source: Malay News)

4 K-Pop acts won awards at this year’s MTV Video Music Awards (VMA) which was held at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

BTS was named Best Group, Seventeen won Best Push Performance, and BLACKPINK took home the Best Metaverse Performance award.

What was most impressive during this year’s award ceremony was BLACKPINK’s LISA winning Best K-Pop and becoming the first ever K-Pop solo artist to attain the milestone.

LISA was also the only solo act nominated for the prize, defeating BTS, Stray Kids, ITZY, TWICE, and Seventeen.

Her debut single, LALISA, which was released in September of last year, was the tune that helped her win.

While many people are focusing on her accomplishment as the first K-Pop solo act to reach the milestone, she is also the first Thai artist to win a VMA award.

During her acceptance speech, LISA did not forget to thank her group BLACKPINK as well as their fanbase, BLINK.

To the Malaysian BLINK, we’d like to remind all of you that BLACKPINK will be coming to Malaysia for the second time in March next year!

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