Is Lil Miquela the Future of Music?

Realistically, computer generated Lil Miquela is marking a new milestone in the future of music.

Wait, what? Who is Lil Miquela?

Lil Miquela is an Instagram icon (@lilmiquela) with a fast-growing follower base (483k of followers and increasing).

I’m that bitch

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Lil Miquela looks creepily real.

She looks like a Sims character or an IMVU avatar who’d just joined Instagram.

lol we had to

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Despite her uncanny nature of being, Miquela’s Instagram feed looks like any other Instagram icon. But she does it in her own unique way. She fills her account with warm-hearted pictures with her mates, body positive mirror selfies, aesthetically pleasing art, whacky memes, or social justice posts like ‘Protect Trans Kids’ or ‘Black Lives Matter’.

In August, she became recognised as a singer, dropping her first ever single. Her first song, ‘Not Mine’, is about “summer love and growing up,” according to a statement by her.

You can check out her lyric video down below:

Bitpop band Anamanaguchi has even done a remix of her single:

Anamanaguchi, a NYC-based band, is known for their J-pop-influenced chiptunes and bitpop stylings.

(source: The Verge)

More relevantly, Anamanaguchi has toured with J-pop icon Hatsune Miku before — who happens to be a computer generated pop star. As a holographic image, Hatsune sings and dances on stage just like her real-life counterparts.

In this respect, Hatsune is pretty similar to Miquela as Miquela is a digitally created Instagram icon.

Anamanaguchi’s remix of Lil Miquela’s first single seems to act as a recognition of Miquela’s virtual being, and a step into entering her alternate dimension for fans.

Who knows, she and Hatsune may even do a collab together? But for now, Miquela has given us a peek into the future of music.

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