Lil B #Based God

To the uninitiated Lil B is a member of rap crew The Pack, but more internet-savvy music fans know better. The self-proclaimed low god has built a steady internet presence through the use of social media, releasing a staggering amount of over 1,500 tracks via 155 MySpace pages.

Bear in mind this is still disregarding the number of self-produced music videos he’d uploaded on YouTube and the free mixtapes released online. If some honesty were to be allowed here, I would tell you a good 70% of that is completely disposable yet that would be disingenuous – Lil B for all his nonsensical lyrical meanderings has truly crafted some gems, and he did bring rapegaze prodigy Clams Casino mainstream attention. Even though the BigBoyTraks-produced ‘I Seen That Light’ doesn’t have Clammy Clams’ dreamy production, the soul sample chopped to fluttering perfection compliments his rambling rapping just as well. If anything, Lil B should be appreciated for his latest album’s title I’m Gay (I’m Happy). Thank you based god!

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