Like Getting Free Stuff And Extra Cash? Then You Should Download This App

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Everyone loves free stuff. Doesn’t really matter what we get as long as it’s free. It doesn’t mean we’re cheap, it means we’re smart enough to spend money on our priorities and getting freebies on others. But where or how can you really get free stuff? With 8coin, of course.

Formerly known as 8share, 8coin recently had launch, where the pioneers behind the application discussed the function and practicality of it and why it can be your best friend.

You must be wondering what the heck is 8coin, is this the new Bitcoin? No, it’s not as volatile or as hard to understand as cryptocurrency. 8coin is a one-stop rewards platform for social media users where they get to connect to unique and exciting ways to make money and gain rewards, including various digital activities.

Check out the short clip below:

The activities are as simple and fun, like sharing content on your social media feed, or as simple as accepting tasks such as posting a photo or scanning a QR code! We’re always on our phones anyway, so why not get them freebies while we’re at it, right?

If you’ve collected enough, you can use your 8coins to redeem awesome awards such as cash, vouchers, merchandise, e-wallet currencies, and more. You can sign up for an account on the website but if you’re a busy bee and are always on the go, there’s the mobile application as well.

This is the future, folks, and the future looks pretty freakin’ cool!

You can download the mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play. Head to to find out more.