Kakiseni’s Newly Launched Platforms Are A Theatre Goer’s Best Friend

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Kakiseni President Low Ngai Yuen, YBhg. Tan Sri Norliza Rofli and cast of Kakiseni musical theatre at the launch

For the avid theatre goers and fans of performing arts, Kakiseni is not unheard of. Since its inception back in 2001, the non-profit organisation has been the go-to for listings and features on local arts, and now, they’re expanding to reach a bigger audience by presenting three Kakiseni online platforms. We went to the launch on March 29 to find out what they have planned…

With three new online platforms and a revamped website called kakiseni 4.0, Kakiseni presented kakiseni.org, the new BOH Cameronian Arts Award (BCAA) microsite and SeniTix, a brand new crowdfunding concept for the arts. These platforms are for artists, allies of the arts and audiences to engage.

Kakiseni’s Digital Manager Shufitri explaining the three new online platforms

Shufitri, the digital manager of Kakiseni explained to us the purposes of the three online platforms and how practitioners and audiences can engage through each website. If you’re wondering what these digital platforms serve as, here it is; kakiseni 4.0 is the revamped version of the website, where you can browse event listings for every show that’s been put up there.

The newly launched kakiseni.org is more for practitioners to find funds, such as crowdfunding for shows and putting up any event spaces that are available that includes established and new production houses. This way, people can have access to shows that are around their area.

Most of the websites are still in development, which means with more input gathered it’ll be more efficient for both audience and artists.

For more information on Kakiseni and what they do, click here.

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